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DID O Ring chain

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I am looking to upgrade to an o ring chain and I am having trouble finding a 122 link chain from DID. Seems to be out of stock everywhere. I plan on changing out both sprockets and keeping the 14/50 stock set up. Any ideas where I can get the DID chain I need or a substitute o ring chain of the same quality.
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DID is a great chain, RK is also. That out of the way getting/having a little more chain around (from a "cut") isn't a bad idea. To cut simply measure (count) the links that you need and mark-I usually use a wire-tie. Carefully grind off the next links pins where they were peined (rounded) over and use a punch to equally drive the sacrificed link out. I do some grinding even with my chain breaker just to make it a bit easier.

If you are a little apprehensive to try this on your new chain, if you get a longer than needed chain you can practice on the end and have a "repair" link left over. I would recommend a spare master link or two also. Good luck. OM
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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