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Dirty pics

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Went riding this weekend and got caught in the rain. It was a lot dirtier yesterday. The continuous rain cleaned it up pretty well but this is what was left today. Rain and clay make for a very slippery day!

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The goldenboy was golden in the mud
however the rear tire was another story. I was sliding all over the place and my bike ended up upside-down at one point. Seriously! And I have been giving some serious thought to adding a mudflap on the front fender. Mind you, that mud I was riding through was only 1/2"-1" at most. I really wish I could have snapped a few shots yesterday, it was ridiculous.
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Nice job dubster and admiral! That is about what my tires looked like dubster. I'd have to rev it up to fling as much mud off as possible to make it to the end of the trail. My fiancee did not enjoy the mud roosting. She backed off quickly!
Next time, rain or shine, i'll have a take a pic of it at its dirtiest on the trail. I tend to get myself into these muddy situations more than i'd like. It was fun once I got somewhat used to the drifting and feel of impending death! Admiral, looks like you were riding through a wet volcano!
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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