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Happy New Years Everyone!

Attempted to start my TW for the morning commute. Cranked, but wouldn't start. Good spark across plug. Plenty of fuel at carb inlet, but no sign of fuel on plug. Last ran three (3) days ago with no problems noted. I tried blowing (lung pressure) into carb bowl unsuccessfully. Blasted a puff of compressed air - problem fixed.

It must be dirt plugging inlet or a stuck needle & seat. I'm hoping it's just a stuck needle & seat. Divine intervention saving me from the discomforts of black ice that many other commuters failed to avoid this morning in the beautiful Sacramento 34 F morning.

Should I o'haul carb? 2003 with 6.5K. Never had a fuel filter installed. I bought one, just never installed it. Karma.


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...Should I o'haul carb? 2003 with 6.5K...
Try the simplest things first.

Drain the carb bowl into a glass container. Look for water or dirt particles.

If it's not bad, add Seafoam to the gas tank, and keep commuting.

The normal maintenance amount of Seafoam is 1 ounce per gallon. On the TW that's 2 oz per tank. On particularly gummed up carbs I have used 8 oz. per tankful with no ill effects.

It takes time/miles for the Seafoam to work.

If the problem recurs, then it may be time to clean the carb.

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