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Does anybody know where to buy N.O.S. gas tanks? avail

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Think I will be picking up an 89 T-Dub tomorrow in need of a new tank. I need it to be all metal to be able to license in Wa. state I think so I am looking to see if anybody knows where to buy one. I saw some online but it said for the California models only???
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Metal tank requirements are an old wives tale. Looked at this already when thinking about converting an old xr to street legal. Your state is no different:

Can I use a plastic gas tank on my motorcycle?

The gas tank must be approved specifically for use on public roadways. Check with the manufacturer or retail establishment for the intended use of the tank. If its intended use if for off-road only, it is not legal for use on public roadways.

Taken from faq on wa. Patrol website. Throw ya a clark tank on there and never worry about rust again!
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Completely missed where assquatch20 said he still had his. Just put on my passenger pegs he sold me, looks great! I agree with biglefti that would be the way to go.

Do they actually inspect bikes up there?
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