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Think about the engine and what we know about the TW. The drive sprocket and shaft are much longer and this requires a carrier bearing in the outer side case. This allows the chain to be in line with the rear sprocket on the much wider rear tire which is mounted in a much wider rear swing arm. As a consequence the frame must be wider than any other Yamaha model at the point where the swing arm and counter shaft sprocket allow the chain to align with the rear sprocket.

There are a few threads here from guys who have tried to mount and adapt an XT225 or 250 motor in a TW frame. I am not sure how this has worked out but for sure they had to machine a longer counter shaft and most likely used the side cover from a TW 200 engine with the outer bearing just to move the front sprocket out far enough to line up with the wider rear wheel and sprocket.

As with any of these highly technical modifications, where there is a will there is a way but you better have a mighty fine fabrication shop at your disposal and in the end I am not sure the gain is worth the work it would take. If the reason you are asking is to get a titled frame then best to search for a real TW frame.

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