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Hello,58 yr old lifelong off-road motorcycle guy. Kinda intrigued with the whole the idea of building out a TW as a backroad Adv bike. Have a few friends setting up small bikes and I may have to get involved too 馃槀.

Knees are getting in very bad shape so whatever I ride must have tall seat and low pegs. (I鈥檝e seen where Seat Concepts sells a tall seat.)

Does anyone sell low pegs for the TW?

Is the TW kickstand strong enough to stand on the pegs while throwing a leg up/over the seat/rear rack? (If the rear rack is full can鈥檛 just step on).

Kickstand on my KTMs are made for the weight of the bike only,standing on the pegs with kickstand down will bend/brake them. Kickstand on the DR is very strong and I can stand on pegs to throw my leg up/over the rack and seat.

THX for any info or insight you could provide,this riding small bikes In inappropriate places stuff is all new to me.

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Yes, Seat Concepts makes a 2" taller seat. It is taller but no softer.

I'm not aware of any low pegs.

Kickstand will hold.

Unless theres another TW in your gang and he's packed heavier than you, be prepared to be the slowest guy in your group.

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Velocity,thx for the quick reply. Slowest guy in the group is one of the reasons I鈥檓 not committed yet? (Have one other friend building a Honda Trail CT125 and he says he knows a few others messing with small bikes.)The TW def would not mesh well with my current usual group of KTM 500鈥檚,DR650鈥檚,DRZ400鈥檚,etc鈥 I鈥檓 fortunate enough to be in a position and stage of life I can have multiple bikes (diff tools for diff jobs within reason). Hard to pull the trigger when I don鈥檛 really know how much I will enjoy riding little bikes?

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Welcome to the forum.
Here is my 2 cents.
They are great little bikes that are a super addition to any garage. It is no single-track 450, but it is all fun and super easy to like. "diff tools for diff jobs " is exactly what they are.
As for using the kickstand to get on - I really, really doubt you will need to do that. Even a short person can swing over very easily. Stock gearing, the first three gears are quite low and in 1st the thing can crawl like a trials bike. Top speed is nothing to get excited about, comfortable in the 50-55ish on the road. In the dirt, you will be more of a plunk along and enjoy the scenery kind of riding. It's a trail bike, not a MX'r or hardcore single tracker.
Figure it like this - give it a go, if it does not work out they are very good sellers and you would have no trouble selling.
There is a reason they are so popular = they make people smile, give lots of miles or trouble-free fun, and are just about the simplest bike on the planet to own and maintain.
I bought mine when I was 60ish and I do not see it ever being sold. In fact, I would not mind a second one. My CRF 450 has not been out since I got the Tdub.

Read through the forum, that might give you a little more insight as we have members that mod these to all-get-out and others that just leave them alone and a little bit of everything in between.

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Rcers, welcome to the forum, you鈥檝e come to the right place. If you can find someone with a TW, try it out. Letting us know the general vicinity of where you are might yield some offers from forum members. We鈥檙e a bunch of helpful people.

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+1 on using footpeg to get aboard.
Before hip replacement surgery I rode my fairly addictive TW quite a bit learning to use footpeg to lessen the pain getting on the bike, something I picked up from other "mature" riders. While fully healed now I still use the footpeg as a step ladder to cheat & swing leg over saddle. Plenty strong for my 185 weight. Very usable to get on bike.
With the limited aftermarket support available for the TW there is nothing wrong with doing your own custom work, is almost mandatory in some instances. Before days of Seat Concepts applications for the TW I too thought my knees would appreciate less bending so I added my own additional seat foam and simply re-covered with stretchy neoprene
With the relatively slow speed of the TW you will want as comfortable ergonomics as possible for those long hours in the saddle on back road adventures. Stock TW likely start out a bit more comfortable than the DR you are familiar with.

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First, welcome to the forum @Rcers.

Whereabouts are you located? Never know....might have someone down the road, or so, they might possibly let you take theirs for a spin. EDIT: @Snapper33 already asked.

Great info already posted above by others. Although may have been a mistype by MrV, but everything I've seen/read...the Seat Concepts Tall is listed as 1", not 2", but you can always have customized. Being on the smaller side of bikes with the low seat height, but with decent ground clearance ones legs are in a bit more of a bent position due to the shorter distance between pegs & seat....compared to bigger/taller bikes. Of course, like other bikes....there are taller bars, bar risers to help with the ergos. Lower pegs would have to be fabbed up.

Best of luck, hope it works out for you! (y)

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After all the scooters-bikes and Harley鈥檚 I鈥檝e owned the tw is the last in the stable?
Why is it to be the last to go-simple answer it does everything I ask it to do! Better wider foot pegs would be at the top of list on modification.
At my age now 70- I know if I pile up it will probably be the last of my motorcycle enjoyment
Days-so I ride low and slow-the tw is perfect for that! I would also say in my current condition that the tw is used more on pavement and gravel roads now than breaking trails.
I have owned 2 of these thru the years and they are a platform that is easily adaptable to your riding style from street to trail

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Change the way to get into the saddle. Do not 'swing' a leg over, step back a little facing the bike at 90 degrees, raise & 'stab' your foot straight out in front of you over the seat.

For those of us that moto-camp, it is the only way to mount the bike. Getting a foot caught on gear piled up on the rear of the bike can really hurt, not to mention embarrassing after ending up doing a face plant in a parking lot.

Yes, I carry too much crap, but I have stayed on the road for 6 weeks at a time. My DL650 has raising links, & a raised saddle. So this technique is super easy on the TW:


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Yes, the kickstand will handle a step over mountup. I have a problem that makes my hips non-cooperative in the lifting/swinging department.

Both my TW and my VanVan are too wide and tall when overloaded for a trip. I keep the weight low as possible and step up with that foot peg. It can be spooky with all that luggage, and my 250 lbs balancing and swinging up there, but I've survived it so far.

My only option is to manhandle my boot up and over the seat.

It has gotten so bad for me that I am considering welding up some new rear racks and getting rid of the Manracks.

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