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+1 on using footpeg to get aboard.
Before hip replacement surgery I rode my fairly addictive TW quite a bit learning to use footpeg to lessen the pain getting on the bike, something I picked up from other "mature" riders. While fully healed now I still use the footpeg as a step ladder to cheat & swing leg over saddle. Plenty strong for my 185 weight. Very usable to get on bike.
With the limited aftermarket support available for the TW there is nothing wrong with doing your own custom work, is almost mandatory in some instances. Before days of Seat Concepts applications for the TW I too thought my knees would appreciate less bending so I added my own additional seat foam and simply re-covered with stretchy neoprene
With the relatively slow speed of the TW you will want as comfortable ergonomics as possible for those long hours in the saddle on back road adventures. Stock TW likely start out a bit more comfortable than the DR you are familiar with.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts