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Thx Speedy,like I said earlier I’m fairly new to ADV style of riding (dirt/off-road guy) but so far having a blast tooling around backroads and avoiding highways as much as possible. I’ve got low pegs and tall seat on it,thing is def all day/multi day comfortable. That pic was taken right after I prepped the DR for Smokey Mountain 500 adventure route ride. Hotel to hotel for 5 days. I’ve also got a KTM 500exc-f setup for ultra lightweight ADV riding,it too has low pegs and tall seat. A lot more exciting to to ride than the DR but not near as comfortable.
I could envision doing something like that on a TW if my knees aren’t to bent up on a TW?? I’m just gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for one at an organized adv ride and bum a test View attachment 233481
Fine lookin' machine!
1 - 1 of 33 Posts