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Welcome to the forum.
Here is my 2 cents.
They are great little bikes that are a super addition to any garage. It is no single-track 450, but it is all fun and super easy to like. "diff tools for diff jobs " is exactly what they are.
As for using the kickstand to get on - I really, really doubt you will need to do that. Even a short person can swing over very easily. Stock gearing, the first three gears are quite low and in 1st the thing can crawl like a trials bike. Top speed is nothing to get excited about, comfortable in the 50-55ish on the road. In the dirt, you will be more of a plunk along and enjoy the scenery kind of riding. It's a trail bike, not a MX'r or hardcore single tracker.
Figure it like this - give it a go, if it does not work out they are very good sellers and you would have no trouble selling.
There is a reason they are so popular = they make people smile, give lots of miles or trouble-free fun, and are just about the simplest bike on the planet to own and maintain.
I bought mine when I was 60ish and I do not see it ever being sold. In fact, I would not mind a second one. My CRF 450 has not been out since I got the Tdub.

Read through the forum, that might give you a little more insight as we have members that mod these to all-get-out and others that just leave them alone and a little bit of everything in between.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts