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My beef!

Ok, I got my M1 on June 20th, so that leaves me 90 days with an M1. You can't go for a M2 DriveTest Centre road test until after 60 days. So that leaves 30 days to try and book a road test. The problem here is they didn't tell me that I should have booked my road test when got my M1. Because they told me that there's only available opening (Sept. 16th) and that's 2 days before my M1 expires. Soooo... if I fail the road test (which is unlikely, but stranger things have happened) I won't be able to do another road test since my m1 expires on Sept. 18th. WTF?????

The options I now have are:

1. Go to another DriveTest Centre that's why out of my area (Ajax)

2. Go to a DriveTest Centre that's close (Oshawa) and wait there hoping someone will cancel or not show up

3. Do the Durham College M2 Course

Anyone else know of other options?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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