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Dual Headlights and Electrical Questions

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I recently purchased a 2000 TW for my wife and am doing a frame up restoration to make it nice (will do a thread on here about it when complete). So I'll likely have a number of questions for you guys that know a ton more than I do about this kind of thing.

My first question is about the electrical capacity of the 2000 and earlier models. I hear that 2001 and after have a better electircal system/more capacity. I've found detailed info here on the 2001 and later models but nothing on the 2000 and earlier (amps/watts/etc. for each of the components - head light, blinkers, tail light, etc.). If you could steer me to this info I would be grateful.

I would like to fabricate a dual headlight system kind of like a Dakar setup (smaller round lights would be my preference but I could go with normal sized round headlights as well). I have the ability to make the brackets, housing, etc. But I don't know the wattage limits, etc. I know I could change out the turn signals and tail light for LED to free up some capacity but not how much. I am also sure that I would have to have one light for dim and one for bright in order to stay within the capacity of the system (whatever that is).

I'm sure I'll have more questions as I go along. So thanks in advance.
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The manual (freely obtained in the technical forum) states the wattage of each light on the TW on page 2-3.

Thanks very much. I tried the download and it seemed like I was in a spam site. Is that normal (wanted my cell number, then confirm it 25 times, then didn't download without name, email and cell number again... Is this normal? If so, I'll go back through it but just got a little concerned.
Try this one, Then click in the yellow box in the middle of your screen that says "Click here to start download from MediaFire..", confirm you want to download it and it should download. It just worked for me without asking for any other crap (phone numbers, emails, pop-ups, etc etc).

That worked. Thanks very much.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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