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Dual Sport Riding DVD

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I'm not selling mine and don't have a dog in this fight, but when I bought my BMW F650GS, I bought the Dual Sport Riding DVD. Just started watching it again, and I think riders that are new to off road riding might get their money's worth ($29.95) out of this. They also have an advanced DVD. It is well produced and is shot in some beautiful country to boot.
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I have that DVD and it has been making it's way around the forum. The folks that I have sent it to are generally established members and seem new to "off-road" riding. I am not a snob, nor concerned about $30. I just thought a long time member has an established posting track record and ideally would be inclined to mail it off to the 'next guy' in a timely manner.

I will be glad to 'lend' the disk to established members that will return or forward to next viewer within two weeks. So far this process has administrated itself and moved along nicely. As my 'policy' seems to have worked fine over the last year or so, I am inclined to stick with it. No, I don't have any hard and fast standard as to how many posts a 'established' member must have, but I suspect you understand my intent and thinking. If you have an interest, please PM me as to not make a long thread out of this. PLEASE note as well: The producers of this DVD are trying to make a living so I am not circulating this disk with the intent of it being copied. Gerry
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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