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DualSportMaps app for Android

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This app saved me hundreds of dollars. I didn't believe my cell phone could perform better than a dedicated GPS until I tried the DualSportMaps app and the companion website

On Sunday I set my Android phone to "airplane mode" and made sure the GPS was on. Then we rode for over six (6) hours in some fairly remote areas.

And this is the map that the app recorded and then stored for others to share.

Here's a picture of my "cockpit" which shows my cell phone in a weatherproof Otterbox and cradled in a RAM mount and attached to an auxillary USB port that is wired to the battery.

Highly recommended. The developer charges $20 for the Android app, which is a bit high for an app, but still so much cheaper than a GPS. Plus the price will avoid the app from being downloaded and unfairly critiqued by "fly by" users not willing to fully evaluate its potential.

The tracks created by the app can be uploaded and edited on the site and freely shared and downloaded by other riders. It's worth mentioning that there are nearly 30,000 tracks available for direct download from the website to the app.

Can you tell I'm impressed. HA!
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts is the one I use on my iPhone, and it is available for Android.

One cool thing it does is save a waypoint with a picture

Here's one of my ATV rides:
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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