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Durham College M2 Course

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I have my M1 and planning on getting M2, and but not sure if I should do the Durham course or not. Anyone here who did the course? If you did, what did you think of it? Also, did the Durham course have a written test, or is it just a practical road test?
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From what I know each province has it's own M licence requirements and from what I hear, Ontario (where I live) is the hardest place to get a motorcycle licence.

In order to get your motorcycle licence in Ontario, you first have to take a written exam for your M1 (good for only 90 days). Next is the M1 road test, which you have to keep for 18 - 22 months before you can take the final road test for a M licence. So getting a full motorcycle licence takes a minimum of two years.

I believe it's a money grab for the government, but having experienced riders on the road is a plus.

Canadian motorcycle testing and licensing requirements I presume?

Just curious, if Canadian, does each Province have its own licensing requirements, or is it a National license procedure?
Nice... Thanks.

The M1 motorcycle written test can only be taken at a DriveTest location or at the MTO office. Durham has the MSF safety course, which a) if you pass this test, then you don't need to take the M2 road test at DriveTest Centre, and a) reduce your time needed to wait before going for M test. might find this motorcycle road test checklist helpful.

Each province has it's own licensing requirements in Canada.

Good luck!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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