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early 90's TW possible purchase, your thoughts?

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I know we seem to get a lot of these as more new users come to the forum. I am recently joined here and for our first bike we picked up a low mile (700) 2006. I have been hunting for the second bike since that pruchase.

I have looked at a few and walked away due to pricing or issues with the bikes.

I am going to look at a 91 or 92 bike tonight (I forget its the black and blue color combo) and wanted to get a few users thoughts.

This bike is clean titled <3500 miles.

The iginition was taken out by the former owner (previous to the current owner) and he has a simple switch in its place. I have not went to look at the bike yet, but does anyone have an opinion here? I do plan on riding it in town, so I am guessing I may need to replace the ignition. Anything I need to watch for with this being done to the bike? I have never hooked up an ignition and am not sure if they make a more universal one, or if I will need to order a Tw200 or XT350 ignition to replace it? Obviously I will need to get the gas cap re keyed or just use two keys on the bike for the gas cap thats on it.

The left panel is missing.

Claims it runs good and can be cold blooded, I suspect maybe that means the carb is a bit dirty as well, but we will see when I make the drive tonight.

Really just am curious as to others thoughts on what I might look for on this bike.
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The head of the motor seemed like the paint had been really hot.. in my opinion it had more than 3300 miles or was ran really hot.

Sounds like "old oil" circulation problem. Might have gone too long between changes & had too little oil getting to the top of the engine.

I'd say good call on walking away.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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