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early 90's TW possible purchase, your thoughts?

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I know we seem to get a lot of these as more new users come to the forum. I am recently joined here and for our first bike we picked up a low mile (700) 2006. I have been hunting for the second bike since that pruchase.

I have looked at a few and walked away due to pricing or issues with the bikes.

I am going to look at a 91 or 92 bike tonight (I forget its the black and blue color combo) and wanted to get a few users thoughts.

This bike is clean titled <3500 miles.

The iginition was taken out by the former owner (previous to the current owner) and he has a simple switch in its place. I have not went to look at the bike yet, but does anyone have an opinion here? I do plan on riding it in town, so I am guessing I may need to replace the ignition. Anything I need to watch for with this being done to the bike? I have never hooked up an ignition and am not sure if they make a more universal one, or if I will need to order a Tw200 or XT350 ignition to replace it? Obviously I will need to get the gas cap re keyed or just use two keys on the bike for the gas cap thats on it.

The left panel is missing.

Claims it runs good and can be cold blooded, I suspect maybe that means the carb is a bit dirty as well, but we will see when I make the drive tonight.

Really just am curious as to others thoughts on what I might look for on this bike.
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If the price is right.. then, well, I have a disease that can be summed up with simply: "dooo it".

I'm a new TW owner as well, so take this with a grain of whatever you like grains of. Beware:

long-winded-and-bored-on-my-lunch-break reply ahead:

Make sure it has good tires on it--seems to be the item that costs the most to replace on a TW.

The ignition sounds like a reasonably easy fix if you can find one--someone on the board may have

a parts bike with that item, otherwise I'm sure yamaha will be happy to sell you one.. in fact, lists one ('2GK-82501-01-00') for $113.17, and a new gas cap ('48Y-24602-00-00')

for $76.01. I am, however, not sure how you'd get these two items keyed alike.

They also list the side covers; but some are backordered, etc. I'm more inclined to say someone

may have a good set of plastics for sale on the board, I've heard they're compatible between

all or nearly all models; so its finding a color combination you like.

As far as the ignition goes, if they replaced it with a switch: figure out what else they've done

to the wiring harness that may or may not be reversible. Look for electrical tape and crimp


Look at how far adjusted out the brakes are; it seems to be a good sign on how much life you'll get

out of them. Mine felt ok, but were adjusted almost all the way out, so they're pretty much ready

to be replaced.

Look at the chain and sprockets. Make special note of whether the previous owner(s) have replaced

the chain with an o-ring one (certainly a good thing), and how worn/rolled the sprocket teeth are.

My '97 is certainly not "cold blooded", so I'm inclined to agree with you that the carb is probably

dirty, and maybe the gas in the tank is aging a bit.. How exactly is the previous owner putting gas

in it with no key for the cap? If you can get the cap off.. does it smell varnished inside?

They're pretty simple with a fairly light aftermarket, so the likelihood that someone botched the

installation of an aftermarket component is pretty minimal; only the OEM ones that fail, which

I've also noted seems rare

Again -- if the price is right (including all obvious repairs), then don't let me stop you.
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PJungnitsch: did you have to drill out a plug from that spot, or was it

already done when you got the bike? I've read somewhere on the forum

that yamaha had cast a plug into it to stop people from adjusting it.

I haven't checked mine, but was considering drilling it out if its plugged

to troubleshoot an issue I'm having.
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