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Electric starter problems

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Hello there, I bought a 1990 TW200 two months ago. I took it apart to powder coat the frame and then put all new plastics on it. So here is the issue: I put the key in the ignition then turn it to "ON" and you can hear the starter turn over for a second. Next I will press the starter button and here rrrrrrrrrrrreeeerrrr. I was thinking it was the starter relay so I bypassed it and then I heard the same thing; rrrrreeeerrrrrr. The electric starter system was not turning over the motor. I figured it must be the starter clutch, so $94 and 2 hours later it was fixed. NOT the case. I kick started the bike on Saturday and road it 75 miles thru the mountains--wow, it was a great ride. I got to my destination and let the bike sit for 2hrs. I put the key in, turned it on, and then I heard the starter run nonstop, but it never turned over the motor. Is it the starter? The relay? Or did I mess something up when I put the bike back together? Hope you can help. Thanks
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I had this problem on another bike and it turned out that the starter was turning backwards. I unbolted it and rotated the cover 180* and it fixed the problem. If you or someone else has taken the starter apart then it may have been put back together incorrectly. This drove me mad trying to figure it out but when I did it has not been a problem since. I would put money on this being your problem. Give it a shot and let me know if it fixes it.
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