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Electric upgrade question

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On my 1996 TW I have lately some trouble, accelerating slow and not getting more top speed then 50 MPH. My first thought was something wrong with the carb, so I took that apart, cleaned and changed some parts, a shim under the needle and bigger main jet, but no more speed. The fuel consumption got bigger, 20 km on a liter in stead of 27km/l.

One funny thing that I noticed is that top speed is dependent on outside temperature, in the early morning its about 72-76 km/h, at noon it can get to 86-90.

So next is the ignition, first thought was of the CDI that’s the part responsible for the ignition timing. Today I measured the resistance of the ignition coil, was not so good, the pick up coil was a little higher then the specification and the source coil on the generator was no good also. For the CDI there is no way to check it out.

After some digging around on ebay, I decided to do an upgrade to the 2001-2011 generator and ignition.

For the moment I have ordered a 2009 stator, 2008 rotor and 2009 CDI on ebay. Also ordered a new ignition coil, where possible I prefer not to buy electric parts second hand.

I hope that the new generator fits inside the left side crankcase cover.

Does anyone know if this fits? Or any problem that could arise here?
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There is quite a bit more to it, unfortunately. Converting from the '90's system to the 3-phase late model system is far more involved than the '87 to 90's swap.

I wrote it up in here somewhere. Can't seem to locate it presently.

All the left side engine cases are slightly different to accomodate each of the 3 systems.
Here are just a few of the issues. None of them are insurmountable, but you could have as much as 40 hours in the wiring harness alone if you're as slow at it as I am:

None of the connectors are the same. In additon to that a lot of them are reversed, male and female and/or have a different pin count. Component bracckets are in slightly different locations on older frames, such as the voltage regulator. The late model CDI uses a pin plug which directly fits to it, rather than separate wires protruding from it. The clutch and brake safety switches are wired slightly differently and the switches themselves have different connectors and are larger, so even the perches are a bit different on the late bikes. In short, almost everything is the same, but different enough that you'll spend a long time with a wiring diagram and soldering iron.

Contrast this with having a complete parts bike. I can change everything over in literally a couple of hours. Take everything under the left engine cover and swap it onto your old motor along with the cover. Take the tank, seat and fenders off, remove the old harness, route the new, reconnect all the wires, change the clutch and brake perches and switches, lengthen the regulator wiring, ride.

I don't want to mislead you into throwing more money down a rathole. Depending on your skill with such things with patience and a complete, headlight-to-tail light late harness and a side cover, perhaps you could make lemonade out of your situation.
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OK. I wasn't aware of your background. You can easily read and isolate only those circuits which need changing, pull/ add pins, etc. Most who ask about the conversion aren't so well equipped, but equally in need so I send them to the method with the best chance for success and least potential for permanently crossed eyes and hair loss.

Sorry if I sounded condescending.
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