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Electric upgrade question

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On my 1996 TW I have lately some trouble, accelerating slow and not getting more top speed then 50 MPH. My first thought was something wrong with the carb, so I took that apart, cleaned and changed some parts, a shim under the needle and bigger main jet, but no more speed. The fuel consumption got bigger, 20 km on a liter in stead of 27km/l.

One funny thing that I noticed is that top speed is dependent on outside temperature, in the early morning its about 72-76 km/h, at noon it can get to 86-90.

So next is the ignition, first thought was of the CDI that’s the part responsible for the ignition timing. Today I measured the resistance of the ignition coil, was not so good, the pick up coil was a little higher then the specification and the source coil on the generator was no good also. For the CDI there is no way to check it out.

After some digging around on ebay, I decided to do an upgrade to the 2001-2011 generator and ignition.

For the moment I have ordered a 2009 stator, 2008 rotor and 2009 CDI on ebay. Also ordered a new ignition coil, where possible I prefer not to buy electric parts second hand.

I hope that the new generator fits inside the left side crankcase cover.

Does anyone know if this fits? Or any problem that could arise here?
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Yes, I did expect that it would not be that easy.
Thanks, lizrdbrth, for the info. Most of the time I first check everything out in detail and then I decide to do it or not.

Now I got some 2008-2009 parts off ebay for a good price and did not want to mis out on it, so I first scooped them up and after that I started figuring out on how it would fit together. We will find a way, I am a licensed electrician and my son is an electronics engineer, that could help.

The 2009 CDI should be a direct fit. I understand that I have to look for a new side cover. That could be a problem, they are hard to find.

Oh and I have a lemon tree in my yard, so we can make lemonade if everything else goes bad. With a little patience it should be possible to make this conversion. I will wait till the parts arrive here, that will take a few weeks.
Thanks,lizrdbrth, I asked for info and you supplied it all and very fast, just keep on doing this.

It is much appreciated

condescending, I had to look that up in a dictionary; no way, you are doing fine.

Original I am from the Netherlands, so English is not my mother tongue.

Thanks and I will post how this works out.
Good point, since I will have more electrical output a stronger light bulb was considered, I will look out for the Sylvania bulb, thanks. The wiring diagrams and repair manuals I have already. I also found the stator cover on ebay, from a 2007 TW. So it looks like it that I have all the parts for the new ignition.

All together the used alternator, stator and rotor, CDI and stator cover was $210 on ebay. Not a bad deal I think, considering that a new stator and CDI would cost a lot more and would still leave me with the lower electrical output. There will be added some shipping costs and import taxes.

Maybe I should look out for the new wiring harness.
All the parts arrived and this weekend I put it all together, the 2009 wiring harness took some time to adept for the 1996 TW. Several wires had to be lengthened and some connectors had to be taken from the old cable beam, but everything works, except that the engine does not start. I will look into that next weekend.

Yes lizrdbrth, you are right, the upgrade of the wiring harness and wiring diagram to the 2009 version is not easy, it took me about 10-12 hours to rebuild the wiring harness. Now I am checking out what went wrong, because the engine does not start. So far it all checks out the same as the 2009 wiring diagram.
Today the engine started, the problem was with the main switch.

The main switch should also be changed to a new model switch,it functions different then the before 2001 model.

The start/stop switch on the right side of the handlebar should also be changed to the new model, it functions different.

The only thing left is now to wrap it all up and to ride.
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