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Engine hiccups

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Just as the title says, whenever I'm riding, the engine hiccups once every 3 or 4 seconds and causes the bike to lurch. I've cleaned the two jets in the carb and it didn't change anything. Any ideas? Also, I have 3 inches of chain play... Could this be the culprit? Should I just buy a new one for $20? Thanks.
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Ok, I've done a lot of reading about the carb. I'm an idiot, and didn't realize that while cleaning it the Jets couldn't just go back in willy nilly. The pilot jet needs to be positioned correctly (ie: too high or too low) to avoid giving excess gas or not enough at 1/4 throttle.

As for the Main jet, I want to keep it tight so it wont come off, correct? there is no disc below it like there is on my TTR125. When I first got the bike, I could reach 57 or 58 mph, and now I can't get above 48 holding full open on the throttle in 5th gear. I know I must have positioned one or both of the jets incorrectly. I'm thinking I might just purchase new jets.

I'm pretty positive that I'm running to rich (lack of power, incredibly black spark plug which is only weeks old). I can't find a 1993 manual, but the 1987 version states that the main jet is #114 and the pilot jet is #40. Armed with this info, I want to go smaller and more lean in order to regulate and get the right amount of fuel, correct? Thanks guys.
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Also, what does the air/fuel screw adjust? Besides air and fuel? If its too tight or too loose, will the engine not start? Because i think thats where i am at right now.
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