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what is your favorite engine size?

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  • 250 ccs

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I am not a fan of the mega engine catagory. My opinion of these machines is that they are primarily a mine's bigger than yours ego enhancer.

However I began riding in the 60s when I got out of the army and a 650cc machine was a big bike back then. 650 cc hasn't gotten any smaller, only better.

I do not think any machine needs more than 1100cc, even a sidecar machine of which I have had ten. My current two sidecar machines are a Honda 750 and a DR650.

Both are carrying full size sidecars and both will top out around 80 MPH and hold 65 MPH all day without strain. For an open road sidecar, 800 to 1000cc would be better but not necessary. For a solo machine 250cc to 650cc is really a lot more sensible than the mega motors.

They are capable of speeds between 85 MPH and 110 MPH in most cases and in the cases of the thinly disguised street legal road racers, up to 180MPH.

How big of a speeding ticket do you really need anyway?

Most 250 to 650 bikes are capable of very spirited riding and give between 50 to 70 MPG. Many of the bikes with mega engines get worse milage than the average small to medium sized car.

I consider the TW200 to be a bit wimpy but then I am 6'5" and weigh 270 pounds. To me it would be at its' best as a 250 or 350.

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