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Extended Swingarm

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Looking to buy an extended swingarm for my o6 TW does anyone have one they want to sell and if so send me a price. I don't want to do any type of fabrication, just bolt it on and go. I also plan to keep my old one so I don't want to have to cut it. Shoot me a msg. if you can help.
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Please follow the link

They're located in Kawaguchi, Tokyo suburbs near Omiya

Available in black or chrome platted finish

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I have a friend in Tachiciwa who is returning to Virginia in may. Where can she get me the extended swing arm ?

Any other cool TW200. Stuff in Tokyo ?


You can ask your friend to go visit the workshop in Kawaguchi, the city is located out of Tokyo near Saitama Shi or car order the swingarm on Yahoo Auctions.

I know they hired a guy from NH at Easyriders'in Setagaya Ku, he's called David and will work with foreign online customers.

There's a bunch of TW parts in Tokyo

I sent a short Supertrapp muffler to a friend who lives in Canada, I think I will get some pics pretty soon.

Could you please confirm the name of the place where your friend is located? never heard of aa place called like this in Japan.

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