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For those of us that partake in alcohol and other spirits, I am sure you have a favorite bar or saloon that you frequent or did so in your youth...these days I do my sipping in my back yard, except on occasion after working a Friday Night Football game our crew will stop at a favored location to grab a bite to eat and a brew....or if I'm working a baseball game with a regular partner, we will stop at a watering hole we enjoy for a cold brew or craft ale....In my youth I hung around a place in Celina, Ohio, called The Red was infamous in it's day....I loved that place, so much so, I ended up managing it from 1974-76 before heading off to Athens, Ohio, and Ohio I traveled around the country, and lived in several different places, bars came to mind....Sisto's in Rome, New York, Muddy Waters in Dodge City, Kansas, Bullocks in Wausau, Wisconsin, where the Friday Night Fish and Sea Food Specials were even better than the drink selections....and then at my old hometown of Venice, Florida, there is Sharky's Pier which is the #1 Beach Bar in Florida adjoining the Pier which jets out into the Gulf of Mexico....


But my favorite bar, without exception, is one in Key West just off Duval Street called Captain Tony's....a little hole in the wall, which was the original Sloppy Joe's:


This place, as unique as it gets, was made famous{you would have to research the story of the history of the bar HINT: Google Captain Tony's Key West} by one of the regular patrons Jimmy Buffet, long before he became famous:

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