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Few questions

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Afternoon everyone. I have two questions that I couldn't find answers to by searching. This weekend I started my build on my 91 TW. Will the headlights and turn signals all work correctly without a battery once started? Is the stator alone enough to power them? Second, if you run these motors with no muffler is it hard on them? Does it create a lean condition? THX a ton!
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I've removed battery from my 91TW and replaced it with a battery lesser (capacitor) and everything works well when started. Obviously there will no longer be an electric start but once kick started it should all work well. You won't have any lights if the bike isn't running. Are you putting led indicator etc? If so you will need a load resistor or they may just stay on or flash too quickly. Not sure about the exhaust, may be just a bit too loud. I used a supertrapp exhaust on mine and it's plenty loud enough

Good luck on the built
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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