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Few things for sale (updated)

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(Sold) Medium AFX dual sport helmet

Cruise control for motorcycles - $30 *paid $37

2 sets of mini turn signals - $15 per set *paid $21 each

Blue ATV Dirt Skins (3) - $20 *paid $40

Black Motorcycle shock socks (2) - $22 *paid $22

LED license plate bolts - $15 *paid $21

All prices include shipping. I will combine shipping! All offers will be considered.
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I also have the tw factory handlebars in good condition as well as the factory seat cover and foam.

Accepting offers on all items listed. I really need to buy a helmet that fits and some winter riding gear!
All prices include shipping.
Waiting for payment on the helmet. It is boxed up and ready to be shipped as soon as payment is received.
Helmet is on the way!
$50 shipped for the 2 sets of mini turn signals, led license plate bolts and a universal cruise control.

Add a pair of shock sox or atv dirt skins for $10.

Oem TW seat cover and foam for $50 and the handlebars for $20.
I'm glad you like it. The smoke shield is great and makes it look really cool. I won't know about the fee until I receive my statement from them. I'll let you know either way. Enjoy your new helmet!
Items still available:

Short stalk turn signals (2 sets/ 4 signals)- $30

Speedmetal h4 hid kit- $40

Led license plate bolts- $15

Vista cruise control- $30

TW oem handlebars- $20

TW oem seat cover and foam- $50
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handle bar and seat cover and foam shipped to usps priority 96932 ? color ?

Handlebars are grey/silver with light scratches from stuff being mounted on them. They are straight and look good. Seat cover is black and used and looks brand new as does the foam. $75 shipped to you.
Items still available:

Speedmetal h4 hid kit- $35

Led license plate bolts- $12

TW oem handlebars- $20

TW oem seat cover and foam- $50

Bump it up

Take it all for $100 shipped obo
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At this point I'd rather just sell the whole lot or keep it all for another project.

$50 for the hid kit and led bolts shipped.

$75 for the handlebars, seat cover and foam shipped.

$100 for everything shipped.
Sorry. Been busy. $32 for handlebars shipped. Or $75 for handlebars and seatcover/foam shipped.
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