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First hard ride of the season!

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Well yesterday was my first real "ride" of the season. It was an awesome day filled with a few wipe outs. The first one was coming down a big sand hill which was all fun and games.

the second one unfortunately was down into a big wash out. Myself and the bike ended up sideways in this lovely boobytrap.

lucky it only suffered a broken tail light cover, tweaked handle bars and sadly a stuck float valve..which ill have to figure out soon

Its good to be back out riding again!

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thanks for the tips qwerty.. Ill have to try that next time. If i wouldn't have tried to brake (and we all know the TW brakes are awful) i probably would have made it.. oh well. live and learn.

I ordered an universal led taillight for 12$ off ebay.

handle bars are tweak but not enough to worry about replacing.. yet.

float - still have to fix
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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