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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this Memorial Day weekend I took my first multi-day T-Dub trip up to my boss' property in Arkansas. So here is my ride report.


I packed up my bike before work, and after work I made the 4 hr ride up to my boss' property in Mena Arkansas. He rides SxS's up there in the Wolfpen Gap ATV trails less than a mile from his place. This was my first time using my new Nelson Rigg RG-020 Saddlebags and Touratech Waterproof Adventure Dry Bag and they worked great.


Originally I planned to campout with my hammock, but I arrived there after dark and my boss offered me a place in their camper.


Saturday morning I hit up the Wolfpen Gap ATV Trails. It was a busy weekend because of Memorial Day so there were a lot of side-by-sides but it was a lot of fun and the tighter more technical trails were much less busy.


I didn't get tons of pictures, because I was having too much fun. But I did get one at the top of the mountain. It was a rocky climb up to "High Point Vista" but after a SxS rider told me to skip that trail (assuming I couldn't do it on a little bike) I knew I had to prove him wrong.


In the Afternoon I took a forest road to some other points of interest in the area

Here is the view from "Eagle Mountain Vista" at the end of a rocky forest "road" going up to a tower on a mountain.


And the other side the mountain which you can reach by going further up the hill


Then I went to Little Missouri "Falls"


They were more like rapids, but plenty of people were enjoying swimming, and I enjoyed dipping my tired feet in the river for a spell


The last place I visited Saturday was the remnants of Albert's Pike Recreational area. There used to be a bunch of campgrounds, picnic areas, and cabins, but a "100 year flood" came through a few years ago and 10 people were killed, and people blamed the government for not having a flawless warning system. So the government did the only thing they could do to prevent that from happening again (not like they can control the weather or perfectly predict every flood), they shut down most of the area. There is still one riverside parking area, but most of the area is abandoned and reminded me of Jurrasic Park.


By the end of the day I had ridden over 100 miles of dirt in the form of forest roads and ATV trails. I even passed another TW200!!! It was on may way back in the evening I took one of the Wolfpen trails back to camp and saw a guy on a TW200 behind two ATVs, he even had a couple of the famous "missle pod" storage tubes. (Whoever you were if you are on this forum and see this let me know).

It was a good day.

To be Continued

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Sunday I took the "scenic" route home through the Talimena Scenic Drive. I say "scenic" in quotes because the first half was great, but the second half of 259 south back to Longview was miserable, I learned what is an isn't fun on the T-Dub, that's for sure.

I started of around 8AM and climbed up into the Talimena Drive from Mena AR. A few minutes in I was greeted with the first overlook.


There's and old Fire tower up there too


The road up there on the mountain in the morning was absolutely beautiful, the clouds were only a few dozen feet above road for the first bit as well, then it cleared up later in the morning


Here is one more vista, I stopped taking pictures after a while and just enjoyed the scenery for myself, I think I took enough to show people the gist. The rest you gotta see yourself.


I met a couple other bikers up there that morning. A few cruisers, touring bikes, and one guy on a BMW. They all asked the typical questions that are asked of us who tour on a 200cc like "How fast you dare go on that thing?" and "You rode that thing from Longview?" but like everyone they couldn't help loving the bike.

The next leg of the journey was splitting off at about the halfway mark of the Talimena Drive to head south on 259. That descent from the mountains was beautiful and I stopped for a snack and gas at a middle of nowhere corner store.

My last sightseeing of the trip was at Beavers Bend State Park, there is a nice winding road to ride on and a dam to look at. I dipped my bandanna in the spillway for cooling, it was getting hot now in the afternoon.


The rest of the ride was pretty boring, and hot. It was alright while was moving but when I stopped I immediately started overheating. Part of the problem is I'm still using the only safety gear I have which is my waterproof ADV suit. I need to get some warm weather gear soon. The other issue was after Broken Bow 259 turns highway, and it was long straight, and high speed. People could always pass me so it wasn't too big of an issue. And though the TW can handle being rung out for 4 hrs, you still start to feel bad for the poor thing. It kinda feels like whipping a puppy, its just feels wrong. So I don't think I'll take that route again.

If I hadn't had somewhere to be at 4:00pm that day I probably would have searched out a better route, but at the end of the day I had finished my journey, my TW had taken me to Arkansas and back, and I learned a lot about how and how not to have a great adventure on the TW200, so I consider it a weekend well spent.
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