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First Spill

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Well, I knew it wouldn't be long. I took my first spill on the little guy today. I came around a left turn on a really unkept dirt road and went wide right to miss a huge pothole, didn't notice the huge washed out trench along the right side till it was almost too late. I got the bike slowed down to about 10-15 mph before I hit the trench. My foots a little sore from getting caught under the bike and the plastic piece that goes over the muffler has some pretty nice gouges/small holes. Picked it up and kept going, thing's a trooper!
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Glad to hear you're OK. Damn pot holes... I'm a put-put on roads 'till I know the turf, still... Usually what scares me the most is some idiot using more than their fair share of my side of the road! No words of wisdom from me, as the road ahead is always an unpredictable path.
Nuf said. m.
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