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hauled the TW in a 2000 Ford Windstar. Van's odometer turned 200,000+ miles during the trip.

re-assembled and ready to go

rode some on the beach at St. Augustine and Daytona

bicycle lanes. when will my community 'get-with-it' and become bicycle friendly? I'm becoming more pro-active here in Tennessee about highway design and bicycles.

stopped along the intercostal waterway.

my cousin. former model and retired american airlines stewardess. She's 75. Good looks run in the family as you can see.

trees loaded with oranges. bike loaded with 45,000+ miles of memories.

Xracer stealing my bike. Sorry jbfla I didn't get over to see you. We'll meet up in Townsend, Tennessee

camped by a swamp north of Sebring. enjoyed watching the birds fly in for the night. didn't bother with the tent. the stars were my canopy that night.

stopped by the 8th air force museum in Savannah, Georgia on the way back home. Well worth the side trip. Hope you all enjoy. Good to be posting again.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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