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FMF or DG ??? OR?

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Howdy yall, Im interested in purchasing a tailpipe/exhaust/muffler for my TDub I have seen many FMF and DG pipes on ebay the DG's are around $150 and the FMF's are more expensive... does anyone have one they want to sell? I would maybe trade some blue TW plastic for one or my stock pipe or ??? anyway Im in the market for one, any ideas? and i know this is probably a tired subject but is a rejet required? I figure it would run better richer with the stock setup. im not opposed to jetting the carb I just wonder what the recommended jetting is for just putting a "slip on" pipe on a 2007... I dont really want to mess up a good running bike just to have it a lil louder, I imagine theres lots of folks on here that have simply added a pipe and can direct me to the exact appropriate jetting scenerio... thoughts? comments? pipe for sale or trade?

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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