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FMF or DG ??? OR?

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Howdy yall, Im interested in purchasing a tailpipe/exhaust/muffler for my TDub I have seen many FMF and DG pipes on ebay the DG's are around $150 and the FMF's are more expensive... does anyone have one they want to sell? I would maybe trade some blue TW plastic for one or my stock pipe or ??? anyway Im in the market for one, any ideas? and i know this is probably a tired subject but is a rejet required? I figure it would run better richer with the stock setup. im not opposed to jetting the carb I just wonder what the recommended jetting is for just putting a "slip on" pipe on a 2007... I dont really want to mess up a good running bike just to have it a lil louder, I imagine theres lots of folks on here that have simply added a pipe and can direct me to the exact appropriate jetting scenerio... thoughts? comments? pipe for sale or trade?

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Being pretty new to the TW, but an old school dirt biker, I immediately poured over all the forums looking for the "right upgrades". I was pretty close to drilling out the core (1" hole 7" down inside the muffler). But I was surprised that I found NO ONE reported a positive outcome for changing out or even modifying the exhaust. They did say that every mod did increase the noise more than they liked. That told me modifying the exhaust wasn't a place that would yield good results.

I've done the usual carb mods (fuel mixture screw, jet, shims) to great success, and suggest you start there. The TW needs to breathe better, but it is so small that you can give it too much air, which can be a bad thing. I added a short 45 degree extension (you can find the mod on the forum) to the muffler's outlet. I believe the TW really likes the extra added back-pressure which sort of validates leaving the exhaust stock. It does purr a very sweet tune and runs really smooth.

For my money, I'm leaving the exhaust and air box stock and keeping the money.
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