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For many years before my retirement and a few years after, I owned, rode and loved many bikes of many marques & types. 1957 - Present & ?
And I would do it all again in a flash!
Except for just a small handful that were really obnoxious!

Ten Best Motorcycles 2019
Cycle World's top picks after a year of testing.

Our beloved TeeDubbies are not there, but honestly, would you really expect them to be?
Don't get me wrong...I love mine and I'm sure it will be the last motorcycle I ever own.
That's a very disturbing thought...:eek:

I don't agree with all their choices and I'm sure you won't either. But that that's hardly the point.
There's just a big, wide, wonderful world of motorcycles out there for us to enjoy...or not!

You can add thoughts, like & dislikes at the end of the piece.
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