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Sure don't want to sell, but health issues are keeping me from riding much. :(

2005 with 3405 miles. I purchased it in 2010 from a dealer in New Hampshire with 400 miles. It was for his wife and wasn't being used. It was serviced at that time and included oil change,
valve adjustment and new battery.

Since purchasing, my riding has been limited by several surgeries and recovery times. The majority of use has been blacktop commutes to work, networks of gravel roads and groomed forest service roads.

All stock with Yamaha rack and battery charge cable. Includes tank bag and orange back box for raingear/laptop/lunch etc. Tires have good tread and show no signs of drying out but should be upgraded because of age. Oil change and filter cleaning every fall. Non-ethanol gas as much as I could and Sea-Foam off season. Stored indoors protected by a fleet of mouse traps. Battery is 6 years old and getting weak so, I expect to replace this weekend.

Consistent 78 mpg and several hundred smiles per tank.

The price is $2,000 firm. At that price you can justify new tires and chain/sprocket upgrades.

Now, let's see if I can remember how to attach the photos:
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