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Im rebuilding a 96 TW, ordered parts, snap ring. dust seal, oil seal and metal slide.
When I put the metal slide in it sits on the bottom lip them there isn't enough room to get the other stuff to fit.
Question: does a 96 have a metal slide?
Sure could use some help. Thanks ahead of time
Welcome to the forum.
You may want to start a seperate post for your fork build.
I have rebuilt my forks but I'm not sure of the metal slide you're talking about. I have never installed my seals with the forks apart like the pictures above. I had my forks partially assembled with both tubes together, then I slide the seals in place. I use a modified PVC pipe which is long enough to clear the fork tube and knock the seal on with a rubber hammer. I have done several sets of forks so I don't recall the TW specifically. I do believe there is a part on the end of the internal mechanism which has to be inserted in a way to wear it is in alignment not to fall off or everything will not fit all the way in. Pull up the manual off the site if you need specific help or diagrams.
Enjoy your TW.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts