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Right to the point, how do I get the fork oil seals swapped w/o Yamaha's special tools? I found what appeared to be promising lead in the archives but the link is dead. I've searched the web and haven't come up with a definitive answer. BTW, this is the thread that had the promising links at the bottom, but they come up dead for me --> Anyone got archived anywhere else???

Back story to this quest is that I'm fixing up a my buddy's long "parked" '92 TW. To hear him tell it, he carted it back and forth across the country while he was in the Army. At some point (in Colorado I guess it was), he cut the turn signals off, lost most of the bodywork, and rattle canned it olive drab. Yeah ... not a great starting point. He then moved back to Northern Virginia and years later I met him and he started telling me about his once beloved Tdub. I was looking for a project and not having to buy something to satisfy my wrenching desires would make my wife happy so I told him to toss it in the back of the truck to bring to work. When I first saw it I thought, "WTH did I volunteer for?" I took it home anyway and have slowly made a bit of progress over the last month. Step one was getting the body work and tank off and hosing off the who-knows-how-old-mud. This thing is never going to win a beauty contest. The tank is totally varnished the gas he let evaporate in there and it's got some rust going to. I'm hoping to still use it with the addition of a fuel filter. I got the carb off and after cleaning the float bowl, I think it'll work just fine. The fork seals were completely blown so after finding the service manual I started into tearing them apart. Never done it before, but have always wanted to learn ... that's the advantage of working on your buddy's bike for free. ;-) Anyway, I'm putting together an order from which I found has better OEM prices than bikebandit; this'll be my first purchase from 'em tho. Here's the fork schematic:

I'm need to get #4 out (and then back in obviously).

Look forward to being on the list with y'all for awhile here. I'll start posting pics of the transformation as I go.

Thanks in advance!

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