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As our forum grows, we need to be aware of some basic common sense rules that sometimes get overlooked. This forum is hosted on a public computer and we need to respect our host, our community and public visitors. Our host graciously provided this forum and it’s a great place to meet and discuss our beloved TW’s, so we must be respectful to not create problems for our host by posting inappropriate or illegal material.

The following material is unacceptable and is not allowed:

-NO swearing

-NO sexual comments, jokes or images

-NO pornography

-NO racist comments or jokes

-NO bashing of other forum members

-NO trolling

-NO spamming

-NO images or photographs taken by others without permission - they are copyright protected.

You may post a link to the image, but you cannot repost the image without permission from the photographer.

Professional photographers make their living selling images and are entitled to sue over unauthorized usage.

Thanks and have a great visit to our forum. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

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Hot Dang....I think in 2 years I may have broken them all:eek:
(*first two minutes...) ha ha ;) Go get em Pat!!! :D

(Hoot's like the junkyard dawg we sic on relatives....trying to dig through our parts bin) :eek:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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