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I'm on the advrider board too and one of the "locals" posted this up:

"Speaking of TWs I want to sell a few of the school's bikes off. I only want to use them for 2 or so seasons so thinking about that cycle I need to move a couple of newer ones.

(I know, hard to follow, but I'd rather sell 7 and replace them next year than try to sell 14 of them next fall and replace them all in the spring of 2015)

2012 TW200. Used one season for the MSF class. A little beat up, but not as bad as you might think. White with black wheels. About 200 miles on them.

$2,999.95 +99 $doc, $15 title, & ($18.50 if you want a temp tag).....Plus applicable tax.

That is a nice amount off MSRP and substantially below cost."

ADVrider - View Single Post - Adventure in Ohio?

The bikes should be in Columbus, OH.
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