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(Found) WTB: TW200 in Oregon area

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I live in Central Oregon and am interested in a TW200.

I wish I scored the one on Craigslist a few days back but just missed it from Eastern Oregon for $1800 (2004, 4,500 miles, front and rear cycleracks, great condition)

Ideally I'd like a bike with cycleracks and mileage under 5k.

Thanks all!

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Here is a bit of a project bike in the Portland area (it does not have a Cyclerack): 1999 TW200 in PDX area

Looking to sell or trade my Tw200

Runs and rides

New Header

New chain

New oil and filter

New Air filter

New grips

All lights work Signals, tail light

Electric start and kick start

No battery though.

Speed-o doesnt work correctly

Could use a new front break cable kinda sticky

Could use new clutch lever the little ball is broke off the end but works fine now.

Title not in my name going to try and do that in the next few days.​

Also, there is a guy in the Salem area that has been trying to sell his 2012 TW (with less than 100 miles if I recall) that does have a rear Cyclerack. He has had it on and off Craigslist for the last few months. The problem is that he has it priced very close to what you can buy a brand new 2013 TW for at the shop in Sublimity.

Also, Bay Area Yamaha in North Bend, Oregon did have a couple of brand new 2012 models that they were selling for around $3700-ish (they might be gone by now, but if you are willing to travel it would be worth a call).

Having just completed a 3 month hunt in Oregon for mine, all I can say is you have to be ready to pounce immediately if you see one go up for sale. Use one of the multi-location Craigslist search engines so you can check throughout Oregon.

It also helps to have allies to add eyeballs in your search process. MrBracket and darnold helped me find mine.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
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I finally found a 2007...

Hey, Great News. Congratulations!

Driving through Antelope always puts a smile on my face. A great little town in the middle of nowhere. We usually go through in the spring or in the fall and it is beautiful; we usually stop to take pictures. When I was a kid I went to Camp Hancock during the summer and went swimming at Clarno. I really like the area. It seems like a perfect place to own and ride a TW.

Post a picture of your new TW if you can.
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