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It has been just under one week since I bought this little 2015 gem and I already have a pile of stuff on the way or already here...

So, I thought I would start another thread to document some of the things that are being done to the bike, challenges and successes.

First off, after finding that one of the rear blinkers was loose, I went around the whole bike, checked bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc. for proper tightness.

I clipped off all of the zip tie tails that that the factory does not care, those bug me.

Then, I put on a Yamaha rear rack. I know it is not the massive rack that most of you guys use, but I really don't need that thing. Just wanted a solid platform to mount my small pelican-style case (pics to come.)

Next up, I put on the cheap ($28) hand guards from Amazon. They have a cheesy, faux carbon fiber look, but they seem pretty solid. On the throttle side, I had to use a plastic spacer to clear the brake master and hose. I kinda messed up the end of the grip, as I got a little overzealous with the razor blade...oh well...

Also, used an old sock to cover the battery, as I know they have problems with leaking. Figure this should soak up excess spillage until the battery takes a dump and I get a new AGM or something like it.

On deck...

*New Shinko 244 for the front
*Kick-Start install
*X-Ring Chain install
*Raised front fender
*6 LED headlight to be mounted under stock headlight on new raised fender and wired directly into the high-beam switch.
*External oil cooler / ordered the Japanese POSH outlet cover for $84 delivered. Just need to source all the other little parts to build my own rig.

What am I missing so far?

I am at sea level where I ride, so not really considering a re-jet, unless you guys think it would be a dramatic improvement...

Few pics so far...


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Congratulations Skillet, you have been busy!

Save a couple projects for an upcoming "Wrench & Ride" that I am sure will be scheduled in the near future. We can help you out if you need any assistance or tools (although it sounds like you're already pretty competent with a wrench ;)), and also get to meet some fellow NorCal nutjobs.
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