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Front Cycle Rack Use

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A few months ago, my TW was stolen. I recovered the bike a few days later, but sans the Happy Trails hard cases. As a stop-gap, I mounted a couple of bicycle panniers I had laying around my garage to my front cycle rack. They work great! I was concerned about how they would hold up during my 70 miles per hour commute to and from work, but they've performed beautifully.

Next mod - handguard protectors/deflectors.
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Can we see a picture without the bags on (want to see the mounts)?

Looks great!
I appreciate you taking the time to take the photos and respond with detail. Legend.

One more question though; what brand/model are they? I'll certainly get a pair if I can, when going on trips it would be a great place for lightweight bulky items (clothes or a sleeping bag).

Cheers, and thanks again.

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