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Front Sprocket

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Another thread was discussing front sprockets so I went to look at mine.

How much wear has to happen before replacing it? The chain and both sprocket (installed as a set) have about 15K miles on them but only the front sprocket looks really worn. The rear sprocket looks almost unworn / new and when I try to pull the chain off it per instructions in the manual (to test for wear) I am barely able to lift it at all.

Would just changing only the front sprocket destroy the chain? Personally I think not and I already have a very slightly used front sprocket to swap in there but I was wondering what others think and what their experiences have been. (And should it all fall apart I would buy two new sprockets and install my new sitting on the shelf o-ring chain. I have to add I am not planning on swapping the sprockets anytime soon.)

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This past week I replaced both stock sprockets and chain. My '05 TW has just over 6,000 miles. Should have replaced them about 1,000 miles ago. If you look close, the sprockets teeth look like they are curled enough to be a design for a tsunami evacuation signs.

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