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On the chopping block: 2003 TW 200 with a newly rebuilt engine.

The History:

I horse-traded this bike via Craigslist for another street-legal dirtbike I had finished restoring (it's cheaper than therapy). It had been a California bike (owned by an aspiring actor who carved his name in the front fender) but the dealership installed the wrong oil filter, fragmenting the main bearing. A master mechanic rebuilt it for me with all new parts, including a kick-starter. I worked it over, cleaned/jetted/tuned the carb, greased the various bearings, and since then have abused the bike numerous times off-road, including Bill Conger's Sandblast Rally Clinic. This ridiculous little T-Dub passed a few KTM's and BMW's in simulated stages down twisty sand lanes with a 30 second handicap.

I've put around 300 miles since the rebuild, on road and off, with no problems. The two oil changes (at 100 and 300 miles, respectively) showed very little metallic wear - following the normal break-in period. I'm selling because I recently traded my KTM for an older XRR (more therapy - my wife is pregnant again), and the XR has filled the role of the 200 and the 950 (fun to ride, kick-start, zombie-apocalypse expedition vehicle).

The Good:

Anyone that's ridden a TW200 has been ruined for all other motorcycles. You're an instant bad-ass when you roll up on this thunderous, single piston dirtbike with an agricultural pedigree. You've got a smile on your face, bugs in your teeth, and some branches in your hair (cause you pointed those large, lunar-lander knockoff tires at a tree and the bike started climbing). You've spent the last 30 miles "challenging" the terrain park that is the rural Carolina roadside, conquering mud bogs, pine stands, sand pits, and marshlands all while outmaneuvering the greens-keeper chased you in his Gator. This particular T-Dub has probably left more rubber in the woods next to the roadway than on it since it's rebuild.

I've added the following Shiny Things:
  • Procycle Jet Kit
  • HiFlo Air Filter
  • LED Tail Light Kit
  • LED Indicator (Dash) Lights
  • Titan Throttle Tube
  • Kenda Trakmaster II Front Tire (mounted in March)
  • Bridgestone TW34 Rear Tire (mounted in March)
  • Kick-starter
  • 12V Outlet on rear fender
  • Stainless Steel Allen Hardware for the engine
Knobbies are brand new and aggressive. They were mounted/balanced in March, and are a great choice for pavement, dirt, sand, mud, etc.

Bike also comes with extra parts, o rings, and special tools to include:

  • Valve Cover O-rings
  • Valve Clearance Feeler Gauges
  • Valve Adjustment Tools
  • Spare K&N Oil Filters
  • New Fork Boots
  • Misc nuts/bolts
  • Extra levers
The carb is dialed in, the bike will start on the first kick even while cold. There's no battery right now - but with a battery the electric start works like a dream too.

I have service records since I purchased the bike.

The Bad:

The bike has a very small oil leak where the case splits on the bottom of the engine. It would take 2 hours to fix the right way, or 30 minute to JB Weld, but I lack the time. It doesn't effect performance, you don't need to add oil while riding, or anything serious like that. I just make sure to slide a piece of cardboard under when I park it.

The speedometer doesn't work - it needs a new worm gear on the front wheel axle - a $35 part.

There's no battery - they' cost $75 if you want the electric start to work. If you ride at night and just want lighting without the engine running, a $12 alarm system battery will provide this for around 45 minutes.

The Pictures:

More pictures here: TW200 for Sale

Bike is located in Charleston. I'm willing to assist the buyer in transport - I work virtually and have a flexible schedule so I deliver this side of the Mighty Mississippi for fuel, cheap accommodations, and a ride home.
Not open to trades, unless there's someone out there with a pair of inflatable SUP's and some cash - then please contact me!

Title in hand.

One time price drop: $2000

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One time price drop. I won't sell her for any less, but I have a kiddo on the way and my pain = your gain!

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You should have your wife start it . Bet she is prettier then you:)
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