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I want to just dump all of this into one big ol' priority mail large flat rate box and be done with it. So it's a package deal, you gotta take the lot. $35 shipped OBO. No guarantees on anything, I'm just clearing out the garage. I did just powdercoat those footpegs recently though, no clue why I did that when I knew I wasn't going to use them. I was just in a frenzy to take everything I could to the guy doing the job. There are a bunch of carb parts, the piston was fine, I just got froggy and replaced it with a 68mm Wiseco when I did my base gasket. There's a front wheel hub in there, some carb parts are basically new, some are unknown.

Plastic Space
Buckle Zipper Leather Textile Fashion accessory
Auto part Plastic wrap
Plastic wrap
Auto part

ETA: It wouldn't let me add any more pics, must have hit a size limit or something.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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