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FS: DG 1" Quiet Core Insert

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Out of sheer stupidity and lack of having enough sense to realize I already had a 1" Quiet Core installed in my DG exhaust, I called and ordered one from DG. I neglected to take the 3 seconds to look in the end of the tailpipe prior to whipping out my trusty cc and calling DG. I think I paid $33 or so for the insert including shipping and I obviously don't need 2 of them. I will take $20 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. After all, being that dense should cost a fellow a few bucks. It's new and still in the package with the instruction sheet.

BTW: I don't know how loud the DG is without the insert but I assume it is way too loud. I think mine is slightly obnoxious with the insert. As proof, old people tending to their flower gardens kind of give me "the glare" when I go thumping by much like I do to Harley riders with straight pipes. I assume that without the quiet core, several garden gnomes and gardening implements would have been hurled at me in the short time I've had the TW. So if you own the DG pipe without a quiet core insert, you could probably start a fundraiser in your neighborhood and scrape up $20 from your greatly annoyed neighbors. Quit being a jerk and put the quiet core in your pipe.

BTW, I know I'm new here but I'm active over on ADVrider as bogey78. In other words, send me your money and you'll actually get the part in a timely fashion. I can do paypal or I'll take a check thru the good ol' USPS if they haven't folded prior to the sale.
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1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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