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All stock parts are from a 2006 Yamaha TW200 with very low mileage when parts were removed. Probably under 500 miles. Anybody that wants to check out the bike that I had can check it out here. Recently sold the bike and I'm going to be listing up the TW200 parts that I have for sale. I will post up all that I have so please stick to what is posted and don't ask if I have items. I will post all that I can find in the garage.

The forum only allows 5 images per post, so I am going to separate the posts. I apologize in advance for the multiple posts, but I want to post up the pictures for you guys to see. Thanks for looking!

All prices are OBO and I prefer local pickup (Los Angeles area) but I don't mind shipping. Keep in mind buyer will cover cost of shipping and PayPal fees of 3.5% unless money is sent as "gift". I will ship any way to accommodate the buyer, but prefer Priority Mail due to the ease of use. Please post any questions in the thread or PM.

IMG_0447.jpg IMG_0448.JPG IMG_0449.JPG

OEM Stock Rear Shock with additional lowering spring from Daytona Japan Shock (you can find out more info on the Daytona shock here) $120
I replaced the stock shock with the Daytona shock, but needed a stiffer spring due to the extended swingarm, so I replaced the spring with a stiff car spring. So you can replace the stock coil with the lower coil if you want to lower your stance on the bike. Lowers bike 40mm
Not looking to sell separately
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