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Fuel Stabilizer

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I have a 2006 TW200 that I recently purchased.

What fuel stabilizer do you recommend and when should I add it. I was told 2-3 weeks and gas goes bad.

I just picked up some Lucas Fuel Stabilizer at Canadian Tire and was wondering if this is ok.

Oh.. The gas that in the bike now has been there a while now since I haven't had a chance to ride it. It's been sitting for a month and then I rode it a bit and left it for 3 weeks. So I suspect the gas in the tank is old. Although the bike seems to start fine and all that. I was thinking of adding some fuel stabilizer all the same.
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A local newspaper motorhead guy printed an article in paper saying e10 will be ok up to 90 days and non e10 up to 12 months. I use Sta-Bil in the tank for extended storage periods and would not test those limits.
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