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Fun near Colorado Springs.

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On 18 August 2011, I got my first TW200!

After Apex motorsports delivered the bike, I got to reading the owner's manual and familiarized myself with the controls.

Once I did that, I took it on a little jaunt around the parking lot of my apartment complex. It felt weird compared to my Vstar 1100. Almost like a toy. I was worried that perhaps I should have gone with another model. Something with more oomph. I then set off on a 76 mile adventure with a friend who was riding a KTM 950 Adventure. By the end of that ride, I knew I'd made the correct choice with the TW200.

We went up to Old Stage Road near the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and rode up that all the way to where it turns into Gold Camp and on to the hard ball at 81, then we headed on 81 to 67 and from 67 to 24. We filled up in Divide, CO and after 52 miles of starting, stopping, slowing, gunning, cruising, and pure enjoyment- I put in 0.67 gallons. HAHA. I loved it. I did the math and figured that I was getting right around the advertised 78mpg and I wasn't even treating the throttle conservatively.

My butt was definitely sore and the stock seat is certainly nothing to write home about. Along Old Stage/Gold Camp were some absolutely stunning views of mountain valleys and meadows. Absolutely picturesque and I wish we hadn't been in a rush to get back on the asphalt before sun down.

Since that first day, I have put on over 120 miles. 100 miles in the first 2 days!

I wish I had taken more pictures but here are a few.

These were taken on Rampart Range Road just beyond the shut down shooting range:

I tried taking some on the other trips but the light was never cooperative.

I'm really loving the TW200. I plan on doing some camping off of it before the weather gets too cold. I have a few accessories to get first.

Thanks for having this forum here. It has really helped in feeling comfortable in taking the plunge on a TW200.
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With such easy access to the mountains from C.Springs, you should have lots of fun on the TW. "Old Stage Rd", sounds faintly familar. Been over 25 years since I lived their and I don't remember much. Gonna have to find some old pictures. Wish I would have had a TW back then.

Thanks for sharing. And how did the KTM rider do?
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