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Fun Times!

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Its been a while since I posted. Like I said a while ago I "found" an 06 T-Dub in my girlfriends garage. She only had 137 miles on this thing. Not having rode for some time I quickly took over the bike. I never would have thought this little bike would be this much fun! If its not raining im using it for whatever! I use it on my 40 mile commute to work I use all the back roads everynow and again I use the highway. I have actually hit 70 miles per hours (down hill) but mostly back rodes and feilds and trails and just about every where! I though after riding this bike for a bit that I would trade it in on somthing bigger.............well if I do buy somthing bigger im keeping the T-Dub! It now has 3400 miles on it in 3 months.........I can't get enuff T-Dub! Speaking of which does anyone live in the Allentown Pa are who would want to get together for a ride??? On road off road or what ever! Let me know! Thanks every one for the awesome helpful posts also! Hutty
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Hook, line, and sinker.
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