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I have a 60csx. Had to buy the detailed street maps extra. Then had to buy extra memory chips to load in all the detail maps I needed/wanted.

Although it's a good unit, I found I didn't use it very much because of having to navigate the screen with buttons on the unit.

I ended up purchasing a low-end Garmin Nuvi for autos ($99. for a refurbished unit on ebay). It's not waterproof or vibration resistant, but the touch screen is so much easier to use than the buttons on the 60csx.

I have a handlebar mount for it, but I generally keep it in the pocket of my riding jacket. Otherwise I tend to stare at the screen instead of watching the road.

The cheapie Garmin doesn't have all the details. Many times if I'm riding the forest service roads, I will get a white screen with my location in the center. But I find it sufficient to get me back to civilization when I get lost.

hope this helps.

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