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I purchased the Lowrance XOG GPS, it's small size, touch screen, and easy use is what i liked.Fits right up under my Jimbo Shield and is great for riding the back roads with its trails feature. All i have to do is ride and explore and it tracks where ever I go, so by the time I get back home I have a new map of all the logging roads and trails traveled that day. I havent loaded them yet, but topo maps are best as most of the logging roads here arent available in digital form and they deactivate them as fast as they build them these days. The GPS also has MP3 and a photo viewer for tracking all your trail shots. The only down side to this model is its short battery run time, but a USB power cord for 12V operation takes care of that. Got mine off E-bay for just over $130 canadian c/w cords and loaded with street maps.
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